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step1-order.jpgFirst, order your sim card and we ship it within 24 hours for free to any address in the world. For shipping estimates please consult our shipping page. When ordered you will receive your order confirmation with links to your own Online Abroad manual.









step2-shipping.jpgYou will receive your sim card in an envelope with accompanied letter. That letter will explain how to start using your card and it has the activation code. Simply email us the activation code and the date on which you want us to activate and register your SIM card. On the requested day we will email you the confirmation of activation plus your own US mobile number. Most customers prefer to have the SIM activated a day before they leave for the USA in order to share their US mobile number with friends and relatives.








step3-swap-sim.gifWhen you arrive at your destination, simply remove your home operator sim card and insert the sim card that you have received from onlineabroad.com. Enjoy your mobile at local prices without roaming fees!




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