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Wouldn't it be great to use your mobile phone and tablet while in the USA at reasonable costs? This US sim card is what you need. It has unlimited calls/text in the USA and you even get 500MB of mobile data. Enough for most users! If you would like to have everything unlimited including free international outgoing calls have a look at our unlimited USA prepaid sim. These local prepaid sim cards are being used by millions of Americans and uses the best US network from at&t. And best of all, almost any mobile phone is able to use the at&t network so you can simply use your own mobile phone in stead of buying a new one in the US. Want to know more about this US prepaid sim card? See below...

Current Stock:
Number of US minutes:
Number of US text messages:
Number of incoming text/calls (including international):
Mobile data allowance (up to 4G):
Number of international minutes:
75 (to int. fixed numbers) or 10 (to int. mobile numbers)
Valid days:
30 (after 30 days a refill is needed)
Network frequency used:
850/1900 Mhz (at&t network)

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