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This SIM has everything unlimited. Unlimited calls/txt in the USA, Unlimited data with 10Gb (10.000Mb) at high speed and emailing speed once you go over it and even unlimited international calls to fixed lines and 50 minutes to international mobile numbers. This SIM is all you can wish for. We also ship for free worldwide and activate your card on any day you like for free. If you have any question, please do not hesitate and ask. We are happy to help out.

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Current Stock:
Number of US minutes:
Number of US text messages:
Number of incoming text/calls (including international):
Mobile data allowance (up to 4G):
Unlimited (after 10Gb speed will be reduced to email/light browsing speed)
Number of international minutes (out):
Unlimited to int. fixed numbers or 50 to int. mobile numbers
Number of international minutes (incoming):
Number of international text messages (out):
Number of international text messages (incoming):
Valid days:
30 (after 30 days a refill is needed)
Network frequency used:
850/1900 Mhz (at&t network)
Activation and registration:
Free and included (we activate your SIM when you want to)
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Worked as expected

This SIM worked as expected. Overall I had mostly 4G internet speed and more than enough to do what I needed and wanted. Also the service from Online Abroad was good. Happy customer, will buy again.


Thanks guys for this SIM. I was able to continue doing business like home without having to worry about roaming charges. More than enough data also and although I never thought I would use it, the international calls were handy as well. Will order again in the future

how to stay connected anywhere in USA without problems

It's the fourth time I use USA prepaid sim and I think it's the better choice for to be connected 24h always

Very unstable

Internet is often very slow or not working at all. [OnlineAbroad] Hi Simona, Could you let us know what issues you had and where? Without your input we are unable to improve. Hope to hear from you soon.

Excellent product and service!!

I have use onlineabroad for 3 years and I am fully satisfied from your product and service! One small issue.. I have bought a SIM card and by mistake on September 1st I asked to activate it on October 4th. Yesterday I send a mail asking to correct the date for activating on September 28th Please urgently activate my card as I am arriving USA tonight!!! Thanking you in advance [Online Abroad} Thank you Maria Koulaki! You sim is activated now, always happy to help out

Online Abroad works very well

It's the third time I use Online Abroad sim in the USA and it's simply the best, always connected in every place. I'm very satisfied!

Bad signal

I've used this SIM-card twice before without any problems, but this time it didn't work well. The attached APN file for iPhone was an outdated one, and made internet connection very very slow! I called H20 and got the right APN file, but it only helped a little bit. Maybe it just doesn't well work on iOS8? Calling/texting was no problem. [Online Abroad reply] Hi DJ. Could you contact us with some more details? It should work without problems with iOS8 as well so there might be something else that needs attention. Good to hear that you contacted the technical engineers of H2O in the USA but we would like to make sure no additional attention is needed.

How to be connected whitouth problems

It's the second year I use Online Abroad products in the USA. No problems for calling, or to be connected. Many wifi in the hotels are surely slower With Google Maps you always know where you are. Best way to be connected saving money.