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This SIM has everything unlimited. Unlimited calls/txt in the USA, Unlimited data with 10Gb (10.000Mb) at high speed and emailing speed once you go over it and even unlimited international calls to fixed lines and 50 minutes to international mobile numbers. This SIM is all you can wish for. We also ship for free worldwide and activate your card on any day you like for free. If you have any question, please do not hesitate and ask. We are happy to help out.

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Current Stock:
Number of US minutes:
Number of US text messages:
Number of incoming text/calls (including international):
Mobile data allowance (up to 4G):
Unlimited (after 10Gb speed will be reduced to email/light browsing speed)
Number of international minutes (out):
Unlimited to int. fixed numbers or 50 to int. mobile numbers
Number of international minutes (incoming):
Number of international text messages (out):
Number of international text messages (incoming):
Valid days:
30 (after 30 days a refill is needed)
Network frequency used:
850/1900 Mhz (at&t network)
Activation and registration:
Free and included (we activate your SIM when you want to)
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Good product but poor explanation

At first the internet connection did not worked on arival in the US I was trying the APN settings voor AT&T as it was said that this was the provider. This did not worked. Not familiar with the US providers I went to an AT&T office in New York, They told me that they did not support the SIM as it was from H2O.... As I did not knew, until that moment, that H2O was a provider that used the network of AT&T it got clear to me. So I tried the APN settings of H2O. After a restart of my mobile the internet connection stayed solid during our trip along the US east coast from New York to Orlando to Miami. So it worked great but there was no explanation on the onlineabroad website with these instructions. I hope my review gives future users some help. REPLY ONLINE ABROAD: Thanks first of all for putting time in this review! And feel free to ask our support or call the US number given in your Online Abroad next time. We are always happy to help :). In addition you should be able to find the brand and network in the accompanied letter with which your SIM arrives at your doorstep.

Always connected

2GB of data (and then at lower speed), unlimites calls to USA, 8 hours to call fixed lines at your home country, more than one hour on calls to mobiles lines ... Only one thing: is based on AT&T coverage, so keep an eye if covers successfully your visit area.

Best way to get online in US

Due to high international roaming charges, I looked into a SIM only option for our time in the States. Online Abroad was one of a few companies that I looked into. It uses the AT&T network and in our time in New England, we had 4G/LTE on iPhone 5S the whole time. Service was really easy to set up with the email instructions. Best thing we did. Managed to annoy all our friends back home with regular social media updates of our great time on holiday! Will be using again when we return to Miami next year.

Geen roaming kosten meer èn onbeperkt internet.

Ik was vooraf wat sceptisch maar alles wat Online Abroad over de USA unlimited simcard schrijft klopt: Overal internet bereik. De eerste dagen hadden we nog geen navigatie apparaat gekocht voor onze huurauto. Tientallen mijlen gereden met route navigatie app op de smartphone. Werkte prima . De smartphone via BT met het audio systeem van de auto verbonden. Uren online internetradio onderweg ging goed zonder enige hapering. Geen probleem met bellen naar USA nummers evenals enkele International Calls naar Nederland. Wat werkte niet: Helaas, de functie HotSpot is bij Instellingen geblokkeerd . Tot slot: Volgend jaar de refill optie gebruiken.

Just great

Great service, and the product just worked. So handy to use your mobile device without the fear of high roaming charges!