Only buy what you need! Easily select what you would like to have added to your local USA prepaid SIM card. Some credit is already included but feel free to upgrade the basic credit that comes with this SIM. And we will ship it to you for free. Worldwide! When you have received your US local prepaid SIM you can tell us when you want us to active it. Activation is also free. Any questions? Let us know, happy to help out.

You do not want to select what you need? Have a look at our Unlimited everything SIM http://www.onlineabroad.com/unlimited-usa-prepaid-4g-speed-sim-on-at-t-network/

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Great optionk - friendly service

The web site is somewhat "discreet" compared to the competition, but the offer worked great for me and gave me consistent connection and service for a low price and I was ready to go when I landed - no need to run to a local service carrier store or navigate their site. This was simple and cost-effective. It will be my go-to choice for my subsequent trips!


Good and clear service. Happy I found you guys! looking forward to my next purchase

Good network, good service and option to decide what to buy

this is my third purchase from Online Abroad. And for me this was the card I was waiting for. I was able to select what I needed and therefore only paid for things I used. With all the cards I bought from Online Abroad the network coverage was good. Keep up the good work guys!