About us

Did you know that the products we sell are used by more than a million people over the past few years? And did you know we sell to people like yourself all over the world? We have happy customers living in countries like the UK, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Brasil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, France, Belgium and many more.

You might be wondering how this company started. Well, it all started when Sem the founder quit his job at a large telco and decided to start on his own. Online Abroad is one of the companies he founded since he knew that many people are afraid for roaming costs while using their mobile devices abroad. And the most economical and trustworthy solution would be a local prepaid SIM.

As so many people travel to the USA every day, Sem decided to start with offering US based local sim cards. The only decision he had to make was... on which network? It became at&t since they offer the best nationwide network that can be used by almost any mobile phone sold on this planet. 

So Sem closed a deal with an operator in the USA on the at&t network and started offering local US sim cards which are now used by many, many happy customers.

Can we make you happy as well with a local prepaid USA sim? And if you still have some questions feel free to ask our support. We are most willingly to help out.