USA prepaid sim card for iPhones

25th May 2014

Going to the USA and looking for a local prepaid sim card that you can use in your iPhone? You need to know these simple 3 things!

  1. Make sure your iPhone is sim-lock free. This means that you can use sim cards from other operators in your iPhone. Not sure? Try to use a sim card from a friend that is using a different operator. If you are able to use that sim card in your iPhone it is sim-lock free!
  2. Pick the best network! You can go for the cheaper T-Mobile network but they use different frequencies not supported by most iPhones bought outside the USA. This means that your speed will be downgraded to EDGE speed (enough for simple emailing but thats it). Our advice would be to pick at&t which is a nationwide first class quality network and it will work with any iPhone bought in any country.
  3. Select the sim card that fits your requirements. If you use the internet a lot (mobile data) make sure you select a sim card with lots of mobile data included. Do you also call and text a lot and would you like to call international for free while in the USA? Pick a sim that allows to do just that. 

Ready to select your local US prepaid sim card? We just might have the sim you have been looking for! For comparing our sim cards that will work with your iPhone click here