See below the most common questions asked. When yours is not covered, feel free to use the contact form below. We will reply quickly!

Q: How good is the coverage of your internet sim cards?

A: You can see the coverage of our sim cards on the at&t coverage page. Click here >>

Q: Does the sim card work in my phone or tablet?

A: The sim cards we sell use the at&t network which can be used by almost any phone sold around the world. The frequency that your phone must support is given at each sim card so you can always check for sure. If you want we are more than happy to help you with this one. Just send us a message with the brand and model of your device. Do make sure however that your device is sim-lock free (you need to be able to use sim cards from other networks).

Q: Does this sim work with my European iPhone?

A: Yes!

Q: Does this sim work with my European tablet?

A: Yes!

Q: Is tethering / Mobile hotspot use allowed?

A: By contract at&t blocks tethering / mobile hotspot use. We do not mind if you would try but we have customers reported that it does not work. So if this feature is important to you we advise to look for other US sims. For instance T-mobile USA is less restrictive since they need customers. Drawback is that the quality of the T-mobile network might not be the same as at&t and also keep in mind that for high data speed T-mobile is using a specific frequency not supported by many devices sold outside the USA.

Q: What is the maximum speed your product can provide?

A: That depends on coverage and your phone. the USA sim cards are able to deliver up to 4G speed. If not available or in case your phone is not compatible with the US 4G standard it will automatically deliver 3G speed.

Q: Something went wrong, now what?

A: When in the USA the quickest means of support is dialing directly the technical support of the operator in the USA. Free support numbers are provided in the manual that was send to you with your order. However, we are always happy to help out as well so do not hesitate to contact us!

Q: Why do I have to pay less for internet abroad with your product than with my home operator?

A: Your home operator has to deal with networks around the world on the basis of roaming fees between operators and in return demands a high margin of return. We make local arrangements with networks which means that you will get the best of local for local prices!

Q: Can I use my sim card longer than the given days?

A: Most of our sim cards can be used for 30 days. However, just like you are used at home, you can simple buy extra days/months. We have a dedicated refill / recharge page that will give you this option.

Q: Can you ship to my holiday address?

A: Yes no problem! In some cases the delivery time to your holiday address is shorter so in in that case it is the best option you have. And we are happy to provide that option for you.

If you have any question of if you are in need of support feel free to use this contact form. In most cases we answer within 12 hours. Already in the USA and in need for technical support? You can also use the free US numbers that are written in your manual. For technical issues this works best in most cases.