REFILL USA call/text unlimited SIM

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MSRP: €79.95
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Number of US minutes:
Number of US text messages:
Number of incoming text/calls (including international):
Mobile data allowance (up to 4G):
Number of international minutes:
75 (to int. fixed numbers) or 10 (to int. mobile numbers)
Valid days:
30 (after 30 days a refill is needed)
Network frequency used:
850/1900 Mhz (at&t network)

Product Overview

Wouldn't it be great to use your mobile phone and tablet while in the USA at reasonable costs? This US sim card is what you need. It has unlimited calls/text in the USA and you even get 500MB of mobile data. Enough for most users! If you would like to have everything unlimited including free international outgoing calls have a look at our unlimited USA prepaid sim. These local prepaid sim cards are being used by millions of Americans and uses the best US network from at&t. And best of all, almost any mobile phone is able to use the at&t network so you can simply use your own mobile phone in stead of buying a new one in the US. Want to know more about this US prepaid sim card? See below...


(No reviews yet) Write a Review